1. The introduction of the vehicle in the parking lot implies the acceptance of this regulation.
2. The introduction of the vehicle in the car park and the withdrawal of the entry ticket entitles the user to only use one of the vehicle spaces made available by the service provider according to the rates in force and to the conditions set out in this contract, displayed inside the car park, which are understood to be known and accepted by the user.
3. The operator will be present every day two hours before departure and up to one hour after arrival. The operator will still be available at the numbers displayed in the parking lot.
4. The user is obliged to park the vehicle in the space specified by the operator. Otherwise, the Company has the right to remove the vehicle, the costs of which and the risks involved will be borne entirely by the depositor.
5. It is absolutely forbidden to keep in parked vehicles flammable and/or harmful materials and/or substances, animals and/or other objects whose presence could, for any reason, constitute a danger or be stolen.
6. The Company is not responsible for damage, theft or attempted theft of vehicles, accessories, car radios, telephones, luggage, valuables and other objects left in vehicles. The company is also not liable in any case for damage that users may cause to each other in the parking area.
7. Circulation inside the car park must be carried out at a walking pace. In particular, it is strictly forbidden to:
• use open fires and lights;
• to unload and store objects of any kind, especially if they are flammable;
• refuelling, repairing, washing the vehicle, recharging the batteries;
• park vehicles with leaks from the tanks, or that present other defects wgich could cause damage to the car park;
• park without the specific consent of CROSSOVER SERVICE SAS, vehicles without a license plate or unauthorized license plate;
• park the vehicle in the transit areas and in front of the exits.
8. Customers are directly responsible for damages caused to people, animals or things in the parking lot. The user is obliged to park the vehicle with the parking brake on, with the doors and hoods locked.
9. The user is expected to make the payment at the beginning of the stay until the day on which it is scheduled to exit, any extra days will be charged on the day of collection according to current rates.
10. The request for an invoice must be made at the same time as payment.
11. The maximum allowed parking is set at 92 days. After this period, the owner must pay the amount of the parking and collect the vehicle. If this obligation is not fulfilled, the Company, after having warned the owner of the vehicle, will provide for the notice of default and subsequent removal at an authorized warehouse. The resulting costs and related risks will be borne by the owner.
12. The shelter of boats, the parking of cycles and motorcycles is not allowed unless previously authorized. The Company has the right to remove them and to deposit them in an authorized storage space.
13. Exclusion of liability: in relation to the object of this contract, which consists exclusively in the provision by CROSSOVER SERVICE S.A.S., against payment, of a vehicle space and its occupation by the user, and not also deposit and custody of the vehicle by CROSSOVER SERVICE S.A.S., there is no obligation of surveillance and custody of the vehicle by CROSSOVER SERVICE S.A.S., which is not liable for damages caused by third parties, thefts or break-ins.
14. A video surveillance system is in function inside the car parks. The data are collected exclusively for security reasons and are not subject to disclosure to third parties.
PRIVACY: We guarantee the respect and protection of personal data, processed in accordance with Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30 June 2003.

The data controller is Crossover Service S.A.S. di Iozzia Alberto – C.da Raganzino sn – 97016 Pozzallo (RG) VAT number 01414610889.
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